Train Timings, PNR Status and Other Details – Ask Disha Available for your Help

IRCTC can be termed as the lifeline of India as the website helps India in booking tickets and travelling for work as well as leisure. Since there are many travellers, IRCTC also experiences a great number of queries on daily basis. This can keep the call centres occupied and it certainly accounts for the high cost. It is not only about the high cost but it is also about the fact that the passengers have to wait for long durations to speak to a customer service executive who can answer the queries for them.

Solution to the Problem

IRCTC came up with a way to reduce this cost and inconvenience for the passengers by implementing a bot which is equipped with Artificial Intelligence to deal with all these queries. This feature has been rolled out on which is the Next Gen IRCTC website. Ask Disha can answer most of the questions and as per the statistics available, the bot is now answering over 50,000 queries in a day. On a busy day, the peak number has reached 1.5 Lakh and this was during the pilot testing. The bot is capable of answering basic questions with the real-time data and it is updating frequently which makes it more efficient.

Now imagine the calibre of this bot. Each successfully answered query means less problem for each customer as the customer won’t have to call the Helpline and wait in the queue to receive help.

Queries Answered by Ask Disha

You can ask most of the generalized questions from bot Disha. She can tell you about the status of the PNR and she can also tell you about the PNR status of your ticket. She can guide you with the procedures. As per the information available, Ask Disha is only compatible with English but the developers will soon add support for other languages as well.

The average response time of Ask Disha is half second. This means that you get the answer to your questions as soon as you press the enter key on your keyboard. Isn’t that amazing?

How to Ask Disha Your Queries?

If you have a query in regards to IRCTC then we would recommend you to Ask Disha before you call the helpline. To Ask Disha about your queries, simply visit and on the right bottom corner of the page, you will notice the Ask Disha Icon. Click on the icon and type your question in the chat box.

For any other information, you can reach out to IRCTC helpdesk on 0755-6610661, 0755-4090600 or 0755-3934141.