Things to Consider While Purchasing a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are mandatory equipment in our kitchen for cooking our favorite dishes. Hence the pressure cooker chosen should satisfy the needs of the person. The safety feature is one important factor to be considered while choosing a pressure cooker before purchase. When it comes to cooking your favorite dish in one pot, the following are the things to consider while purchasing a pressure cooker.

Material of construction

The choice of pressure cookers should be considered depending on its material of construction. Strong, light-weighted pressure cookers are chosen for safety reasons as well as a style icon. The pressure cooker made of Stainless steel has several advantages like corrosion resistance, durability, and aesthetic look. The pressure cooker made of SS does not cause stain and is of high quality. When it comes to safety, never should we compromise on the quality of the product.

Pressure and additional features

The pressure cooker should be chosen with a quick release option to release the excess pressure and a regulator for regulating it. The standard pressure tolerable is 15 psi and this should be checked before the purchase. The quick-release option helps you maintain the pressure and allow ingredients to be added at a particular stage without the loss of heat and pressure. Hence it is advisable to choose a pressure cooker with a quick release option in it.

Safety features

The different safety features available nowadays in the pressure cookers are vent steam which release excess pressure and the lid is designed to release excess pressure through safety aperture.


Pressure cookers are used in our kitchen regularly and hence spending money on it will never go waste. However, the cooker with all safety features does cost a little higher than the basic feature. It is better to choose a cooker with all safety features even though they cost higher as safety cannot be overlooked.

Size of the cooker

Depending upon the usage, the size of the cooker can be chosen as large-sized cookers are not necessarily for a family of 4 members and small size cooker will not be sufficient for a family of 10 members.


The pressure cooker should be accompanied by a warranty as they can be repaired or replaced in case of any problem. The cooker’s quality should be always considered and hence purchasing a cooker at a branded shop or branded company is always preferred. Safety should be the main criteria when it comes to choosing a pressure cooker.

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