Sanitary Pads: Advantages and Disadvantages

Sanitary pads are available as the best friend of women. During the tough days of the month, it can be excellence to use for protection. As you know, sanitary pads are used all over the world and it is definitely very effective as compared to the traditional clothes used for many years. There are lots of brands and manufacturers providing different types of sanitary napkins for ladies and girls. You will also find a variety in the types and sizes of these sanitary pads that you can choose according to your requirements for it.

Here, we will know about the advantages and disadvantages of using sanitary pads during the hard days of your month.

Advantages of using sanitary pads:

First of all, you must be looking for the best way to control the unwanted flow during the time. Sanitary pads are available as the best solution for it because it is very effective to soak the liquid and it is definitely very helpful to keep your clothes completely clean by controlling the flow. It is very easy to use and you do not have to face any kind of difficulty while going to use it. Therefore, you should definitely use it for complete protection during the period of time.

It is also very effective to control the unwanted odour. For the ladies, it is not easy to prevent the situation of bad odour in the time of periods. You will definitely get lots of help to eliminate it completely and it will definitely provide a safe option to control it. It is also very beneficial when you want to prevent any kind of allergy issues. You do not have to worry about high chances of urine infection or other allergy issues while using it. Therefore, it is beneficial in lots of good ways for girls and ladies.

Ps. always choose the good menstrual pads brands, because they don’t compromise with the quality.

Disadvantages of using sanitary napkins:

With all these advantages, there are some of the disadvantages of using sanitary napkins that you should definitely know before you start using it. If you are using the same pad for a longer time, it will cause the risk of vaginal infection or rashes on your skin. Therefore, it is recommended to change the sanitary pad every six hours in normal flow and more quickly if you are having a heavy flow during periods. It may also cause irritation of skin because it can dry up your skin by minimizing the normal moisture of the skin.

It may also have some of the disadvantages for the environment. All over the world, millions of sanitary pads are used every day and it is a big cause of blockage of sewers. It is also harmful in many other ways if you are unable to dispose of it in a proper way. Because of the use of plastic in diesel sanitary pads, it is quite difficult to dispose and it also has several types of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Still, it is definitely useful if you are able to use it carefully with all such considerations.

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