Interesting facts about Gatimaan Express Train

Once upon a time visiting Agra from Delhi was considered an intimidating chore but now it is nothing short of a pleasure ride. All thanks to the Fastest Train in India, the very high tech Gatimaan Express train.  With its launch a new feather got added to the cap of Indian Railways. Gatimaan Express is a semi-high speed train which will ply between New Delhi and Agra. Some of the interesting facts that you must know about this high tech train are as under:

  1. This high tech train will run at the speed of 160 kmph making it the fastest train in India.
  2. The fare of this train shall be 25% higher as compared to Shatabdi. One side fare for AC chair car and executive class shall be approximately ₹690 and ₹1,495
  3. The train is expected to take 105 minutes to complete the journey and amid this route of 195kms, there will be no stoppage. This implies that you will be able to save 15 minutes if you travel by this train.
  4. The Gatimaan Express train is equipped with 12 ultra-modern, 2 additional coaches and a 5,400HP (Horse Power) electric locomotive, which is like 5400 horses carting the train.
  5. Each coach of this train costs about ₹ 2 to 2.5 crore and are designed in consultation with Research Development and Standard Organisation.
  6. Other high tech features of the train include emergency braking system, automatic fire alarm, sliding doors, passenger information system.
  7. For the entertainment of the passengers, an 8-inch LCD is festooned at the back of the seat. These screens shall broadcast live-feed and shall be powered by satellite television.
  8. The train will not only run on the Delhi-Agra route but also on other routes as well eventually.

This train is surely an asset to the Indian Railways and will surely bring about a lot of change in the economy of the nation. India needs a lot more initiatives like this in future.