How Does an Electric Kettle Work?

During the purchase of an electric kettle, most of the people have this question in their mind that which electric kettle to prefer. From built quality to design, you can find plenty of outer design, but the inner functionality is the same.

The number of features may vary, but if you consider the boiling or heating mechanism, then it is same. If you are willing to buy a new electric kettle but want to learn how they work then focus on the below-mentioned factors –

  • You start by filling the kettle with water and place it on the electric pad. As you turn on the electricity, a huge number of current passes through the coil.
  • Coils are heating element because they have higher resistant, which heats them up and current passes at a slow rate through them.
  • Higher voltage increases the temperature because electrical energy starts to convert into the heat when it passes through the coil for a long time period. 
  • The coil is in direct contact with the base of the kettle, which starts to heat up and increase the temperature inside of the kettle.
  • After a couple of minutes, the temperature reaches 100 degree Celsius which take water to the boiling stage in a couple of seconds.

Now, you may be wondering how electric kettle automatically stop electric supply when water is at utmost temperature? Well, they have a thermostat meter which is connected to the electric supply. When it reaches maximum potential where the water starts to boil, the electric supply to coil break down, and water stays at the same temperature for hours. We have listed some top models here

Bottom Line Very few people know about the working of an electric kettle, but you are not among them anymore. During the purchase, you can consider the resistant of the coil and size to ensure the best purchase.

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