Best water purifier under 10000 in India

Water is one of the things that is needed for the survival of a person on Earth. It is the basic necessity of life. To ensure that the water you drink is free of any type of contaminants, safeand pure to drink, you must have a good quality water purification system.

These systems remove the impurities from the water and thus becomes an essential need of any house. Water purifiers come in a different price range.  Budgeted water purification systems within Rs. 10,000 would be ideal for medium sized families. Here, in this article, we are sharing with you a list of such systems.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure with 20 Liter Water Purification system

Eureka Forbes Aquasure is a superior quality water purification system made for the household purpose. This is a very effective product from this brand that has been widely appreciated and used by people. Aquasure model is built on the latest filtration technology to provide safe and clean drinking water. This water purifier system comes within Rs 5000., that makes it ideal for families.

Aquasure by Eureka Forbes has got high water storage capacity of nearly 20 liters that is really a fabulous capacity that makes it appropriate for up to ten member families also.Its Kitanu Magnet Technology is effective in the removal of dust, dirt, bacteria, and cysts easily. This system uses a non-chemical system for the water purification and is ideal for consumption.

The overall capacity of this water filtration system is nearly nine liters whereas the capacity of its bottom tank is around eleven liters. It is made with superior quality high-quality, non-toxic plastic and food grade material that is used for the manufacture of this water purifier.

Another interesting feature of Eureka Forbes Aquasure is that it does not need to work on electricity. This helps in saving the consumption of electricity too. There is also no requirement for running water. Its automatic shut-down switch shuts down the entire water filtration system in case of the detection of an internal malfunction.

HUL Pureit RO+UV Five Litre Water Filter

This water purifier comes with an advanced level of purification technology that ensures you as well as your family only fresh and clean water.HUL AdvancedPureitwater purifier is built on highly innovative technologies such as UV, RO, Oxytube, and MF.

It has an advanced six-stage technology that transforms hard water up to 1800 ppm tosweet and soft water. Some of the other types of impeccable features are its convenient five liters storage tank, the unbeatable safety, advanced level voltage fluctuation guard, break-resistance tap, top-notch construction material, as well as one-year manufacturer warranty. These are the basic reasons to consider this product.

Aquatec Advance plus 12L RO+UF+UV+ TDS Water Purifier

This water purifier provides an extensive set of brilliant features, impeccable service and great functionality that ensuresthe best health of your family members. This product has a 1-year warranty. It is secure, convenient and reliable to use.

​It not just gives you pure and cleanwater, but also adds essential minerals to itthat got removed at the time of RO purification.This system has a massive volume of around twelve liters that offers enhanced benefit to its users.

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